Farewell Takashi

For those that don't already know Takashi Amano passed away earlier this month, and although I did not know him personally he was definitely one of my biggest inspirations for planted aquariums and freshwater fish (I even mentioned him in the first post I ever did on here) as I am sure he was for a lot of people. I don't know any serious planted tank Aquarists that weren't some how inspired by his work and aquatic photographs. He will definitely be missed and my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his loved ones.

Thank you for all you have done Takashi Amano.


New Betta

Originally I was uncertain I would get another betta, but as I tend to follow a lot of betta forums and such.. I couldn't resist the urge to get another.
Hi, I'm Neptune!
Meet Neptune, a seemingly young male rose petal (AKA rose tail) betta. I got Neptune a few weeks ago from Petco and have put him through a mild quarantine, since he has surpassed that I decided it's now time to share my new fishy friend on here. Neptune doesn't seem to have a huge appetite (nor is an aggressive eater) thus far although a heater may change that, and what he currently lacks in body size (which may change overtime) he makes up for with his huge fin spread. Neptune flairs with a black background and has a big curiosity of the bubbles coming from the sponge filter in his tank. As far as betta personality's go he is just a curious mellow fellow.



It's obvious to see (blog stats don't lie!) that a lot of you have been missing my posts recently (and I've missed you all as well), as mentioned I have had a pretty busy summer full of lots of adventure, and basically living life.
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So what's new...

I don't really plan on doing anymore goldfish weigh-in's until I have had my fish for a year (which is just around the corner!) just because I feel their growth rates have possibly been bouncing around a bit due to some feeder issues, food and water changes, etc. After that weigh-in is done I may take a break from the weigh-in's in general, and another reason for that is Pocky and Ramen both have swim-bladder issues and I don't know how much longer I can see Pocky go through this because some days seem worse for him than others. Aside from swim-bladder issues with these 3 goldfish I really haven't had any issues with any type of disease, illness, etc. so I feel what I have been doing for them has been working out for the most part.

I'd like to start caring for some other types of fish in the near future. Honestly all that the goldfish community has taught me and everything else I've learned (be it on my own or from general research) has in my opinion helped me become a better fish-keeper in general. I don't find there is a lot of valuable online information for tropical type fish (such as guppies, tetras, etc) as there is for fish like goldfish which is partially why I'd like to venture outside goldfish as I did back when I had guppies as well.
I also ordered some Guppy-Guide logo stickers off of my CafePress shop and they're pretty cute (I plan on getting a new 5 gal. bucket or something to put the sticker on). The "clear" sticker is transparent all over and not just the background color, while the solid "white" sticker is solid all over, and I wish only the background was transparent (*hint hint* CafePress, haha). Eventually I will get around to making some more products for the shop but feel free to follow my shop for updates on that.
I just started a new Instagram account just for this blog (you can find the link on here as well) and the old one will probably be for my personal use (which may get deleted). I opted to make a new one so that it could be made more public and be strictly more aquarium/blog/fish based and such.


Fishroom / Bedroom Makeover

My fishroom is also my bedroom and starting back around April this year I wanted to create a bedroom influenced more by my fishy friends. I didn't want an overly theme'ish room I just wanted something a bit more classy, modern, aquatic, feminine, and zen. As I continue to make adjustments to my room (because Rome wasn't built in a day.. I would know since I just came back from there) I will continue to update this blog post in the future.
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Bed, Bath and Beyond - Venice Grommet Panel Curtains "84 in White
Currently I don't see these in white or the length I bought these online but they're in store for $39.99ea. I bought 4 of these for both of my windows and with several old 20% off coupons I saved $8 per panel. I liked these because they have a vertical creased wave pattern with tiny dots that are like bubbles, and they're a smidge sheer with horizontal lines which gives a zen bamboo grass type of feel when the sun is out.

Walmart - Luck Adjustable Satin Nickel Curtain Rod
Originally I was going to go with a glass orb finials rod but when I saw this ginkgo rod I HAD to get it and these are actually pretty nice (although I ordered these off the WalMart site they're actually from Overstock.com). These worked well with the grommet curtains I got because they can be lengthened forward, which is important since grommet panels have wide folds that would otherwise get smooshed against the wall/window.

Target - Nautical Decor
I got these nautical pots ($1.78ea on clearance) and a Nate Berkus urchin awhile back. I also picked up a quilted scale looking throw pillow for my bed which was on clearance (it's cheaper than the scale looking pillows I totally loved by Caitlin Wilson.. but I may just cave and order 'em anyway, haha).

Green Front Furniture - Coral Lamp
My parents decided to surprise me with a gift/lamp from this local furniture store and it turned out to be much larger than they had anticipated (and it wasn't something they could return either). The lampshade itself was so big that I ended up finding a different shade at TJ Maxx. My mom had originally thought this was the lamp I wanted from Wolfe Furniture but that lamp actually had a goldfish on it rather than being made of coral (erk, memory fail).

TJ Maxx - Fish Decor and Lampshade
I picked up several decorative fish from here within the past few months, some of which were even on clearance ranging from $2.99 and up. I also saw a really cute seahorse I was going to get but I was too impatient to wait in line that day (if it was meant to be than it will still be around later). I ended up buying another lamp ($30 at TJMaxx) just so I could put a much smaller lampshade on it (because a 2ft x 1ft lampshade was just too enormous for my room.. or our house honestly), by getting this lamp it was actually cheaper than just buying a single lampshade.. but I'm not sure what we'll do with the extra lamp base because it's pretty retro (and not in a good way, lol).